Do you need to work out everyday?

Working out can be complicated and has a lot of variables that can be hard to understand, today we go over if you should work out everyday. Following our advice will hopefully leave you with more energy to do the things you enjoy, working out isn’t fun if you’re tired all the time.

Do you need to work out everyday?

According to the CDC, 80% of US residents do not get the recommended amount of exercise. But how much is appropriate for us, and what is the most effective way to go about getting it? With all of the benefits working out has related to our health, it is important to consider these questions in order to make sure that we are living the most healthiest and productive lives as possible.

Why Working Out is Essential

Of course we know about how exercise promotes weight loss, but what other physical benefits does it have? From our muscles to our circulatory system, and to our immune system, exercise is beneficial to almost every part of our body, and it is also beneficial in helping it maintaining it’s proper functions.

One of the most important impacts exercise has on our bodies, is boosting our immune systems. Working out helps increase the speed in which our body creates leukocytes (white blood cells) and antibodies. In return, our body is alerted if an infection or virus is present a lot sooner than it would if we weren’t physically active. Our bodies are also alerted if potential illness is present faster by an improved circulatory system, which exercise also helps promote. By pinpointing illness early on, we are able to treat it faster so that it doesn’t become a major problem. Studies show that working out even cuts the common cold in half!

Working out also has other physical benefits such as helping us maintain proper posture which promotes bone health. It also strengthens the muscles and joints so that daily tasks become a lot less daunting and we are able to move around more at ease.

Another important aspect of working out physically speaking, is that it helps our digestive system function properly. Exercise helps stimulate our organs so that everything moves through our digestive system a lot quicker, causing waste to exit our system quickly and more efficiently.

Physical health is not the only area of health that working out is good for. Physical activity is also key for mental health. Exercise helps reduce stress levels by releasing endorphins that combat depression. Not only does exercise help defeat depression, but it also helps you have a lower chance of remission. It is also known to help provide an escape for people so that they can take a moment to focus on something other than daily anxieties and stress.

How Often Should You Work Out?

Research was recently published in a journal called, “Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism”, that showed as long as you get 150 minutes of physical activity per week, then you are generally good to go. It surprisingly showed that even if you do not spread these minutes throughout each day, you should still be getting the proper amount of exercise each week. However, although they say you can spread it out over the week as you wish, they do recommend that you stay away from bulking it all into one day, for they haven’t done adequate research on only working out one day per week yet.

So Where do I Start?

Even though 150 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, for some it may be a lot to take on at once. Luckily, there are many various methods in which you can gradually work up to this point so that you can ensure you are getting the physical activity that your body requires.

With modern technology, it is easy to introduce different devices that help you track your weekly workouts. One great method is to buy a pedometer. By purchasing a pedometer, you can find out how many steps would be equal to 150 minutes per week. Once you have found out, try aiming lower at first. During the first seven days, try to aim for the amount of steps that equals to roughly 90 minutes, then work your way up. A lot of people swear by pedometers due to the fact that they usually motivate you to incorporate more steps during your daily routine, so you can get your work out in while at the office!

Another great development in modern technology, is the amount of applications available to help aid users in working out. Many apps are available to record your workouts, but there are also apps that have an alarm system that goes off every 10 minutes or so. One of these apps is called, “Seconds” for iPhones. These interval workouts are great for people starting out, because they only have you do a small amount of specific workout regimens every so often, so you do not get worn out as easily.

The thought of increasing your workout routine can be rather intimidating, but with all of the added health benefits, it is more than necessary to be sure that you are getting the appropriate amount of exercise recommended to the average adult. It won’t take long before you get there, and the results will show themselves sooner than you think!

5 fat fighting foods

The biggest misconception of the dieters is that they think food is the biggest enemy when it comes to weight loss which isn’t true, many diets like The Caveman Diet take advantage of great food while maintaining a healthy weight. In fact, it has been proved that certain foods actually rev up the metabolism rate and enables the body to burn the fat at a much faster rate. If you want to get rid of the unwanted fat in double quick time then you need to add the following five foods to your diet. These popular foods have been scientifically proven to increase the metabolism rate, cut cholesterol and limit the amount of fats that the cells absorb. If you have these 5 super foods then you may not need to do dieting again in your life!


1) Berries

The strawberries and the red raspberries are fibre-rich fruits which provide just 50 calories per cup. They are also one of those food items which are very rich in antioxidants. Researchers have proved that berries contain certain flavonoids that increase the production of a hormone called adiponectin which helps in the process of fat burning. In addition, eating strawberries with meals helps to stabilize the blood glucose level and decreases LDL cholesterol. You can use berries as toppings on cereals and yogurt or have them as a treat.

2) Eggs

A protein-rich breakfast is highly essential to control hunger and to combat cravings throughout the day. A large egg provides around 6 gm of protein and only 70 calories. If you are looking to cut back on calories then you can egg white only which has 30 calories and only 305 gm of protein. The studies have shown that people who eat more protein at the start of the day tends to lose more weight, felt less hungry and were very satisfied with their diet. If you eat egg breakfast instead of bagel breakfast, you are likely to lose 65% more belly fat. To make the meal tastier, you may have eggs poached in tomato sauce with loads of onions and peppers.

3) Greek Yogurt

The non fat plain Greek yogurt is the one of the most diet-friendly foods available in the market today. The Greek yogurt has twice the amount of protein present inn regular yogurt but has very little sugar. If you include at least 24 oz of fat free yogurt in your regular meal plan, you will shed at least 81% more belly fat. If you do not like the taste of Greek yogurt, you can have it with Blueberry sauce to make it tastier. It must be noted here that flavoured yogurts are readily available in supermarkets and you may feel tempted to have those. However, do stay away from them as they contain extra sugars and will do more harm than good.

4) Green & Oolong Tea

Coffee is a known metabolic booster but tea offers a double advantage – the caffeine and the catechins in the tea help to rev up the metabolism rate and boost the process of fat burning. Tea is totally free from calories but rich in antioxidants. So when you are having tea instead of sugary beverages, you will get an extra diet advantage. For the best results, one must have green or oolong tea several times a day. One can add fresh herbs to iced or hot green tea to make it more refreshing.

5) In-shell Pistachios

This type of pistachios are considered to be a great source of protein but the level of calories is very low. They have only 6 gm of protein/oz and 100 calories per 30 nuts. The researches have stated that eating these will result in less calorie consumption (41% less) compared to those who prefer to eat the nuts which had been shelled. The main logic is that the shell of the nuts tricks the brain into thinking that a person have eaten more nuts than he actually has. So one must keep a pouch of these unshelled nuts at home if you are keen on having a satisfying snack.

The above-mentioned 5 foods are the best when it comes to fat burning but there are some other food items which deserve a special mention as they too aid in reducing weight and getting rid of the stubborn belly fat. Some of these food items are spicy foods like jalapenos, chillies and red pepper, apples, oats, lean meats and peanut butter. However, having these foods alone may not give you the desired results. Regular exercise and on-time meals are also very important for a good metabolism rate and to rev up the process of fat burning.
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5 Movies to watch when you are sick

Being sick sucks a lot , however a few highlights of being sick is watching some of your favorite movies that just make you feel better. Everyone loves a good riffle when they are bundled up on the couch, eating chicken noodle soup and saltine crackers, and at the same time they are blowing through boxes of tissues. You can cough and sneeze your way through these great BluRay Movies.

A list of 5 movies to watch when you are sick:

Sex and the city

It really doesn’t matter the season or episode you are watching, but catching up with the sex and the city ladies will always be fun. Ensuing Carrie ant the ladies is the best way to forget about the pile of tissues beside the sofa. Catch up with these New York City ladies chasing men, getting their hearts broken, breaking hearts and falling in and out of love.

Super 8

While it is a great summer movie, the absolute fun packed in its one hour and fifty two minutes is worth watching any time of the year. This is especially when you are looking for a unique adventure when your world is temporarily sniffy and achy. JJ Abrahams and Steven Spielberg’s film trails a group of middle school friends during the summer of 1979. The film is definitely a science fiction, yet it carries with it relatable themes that even the most non science fictional fans can appreciate. As the plot offers plenty of thrill and mystery, it’s the relationships involved for example father to daughter that can keep drawing a person back to the movie to watch it. Super 8 is a sheer fun pick to lift your sickly spirits.

The Bourne Identity

Catch Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne across Europe as he runs away from his past as well as tries to hunt it down. For the people who can’t relate to severe amnesia or hazards of the past life as an assassin, there is something fascinating about the self -discovery that Bourne undergoes. Watching the smart storytelling, fast paced sequences and creative fight scenes marks this as a stand -alone action film. Watching this movie offers a perspective on everyday life trials. Although it is an obvious fictional tale it is a good movie to watch on a sick day.

Finding Nemo

It is a classic Disney story line about growth, love and triumph. It is a perfect movie for a sick day when you watch how Nemo develops a smaller right fin as a result of damage to his egg during the attack. This limits his ability to swim. It takes us through how Nemo lives his life and during different circumstances he made new friends like Dory. He goes through hard times and at the end he is finally able to swim. I could listen to Ellen De Generes’ fish character.

The Quiet Man

This classic film is lovely and hefty at the same time. It is a simple tale of unconventional love and family drama. It is great when John Wayne steps out of his cowboy boots and into a story filled with romance and brotherly disharmony.  Maureen O’Hara shows the meaning of hard- earned love and respect by bringing sense to life in her attempts at independence. It is a good movie to watch when fighting a cold.